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You wouldn't like me when I'm h'angry

Posted by Annmarie Oil Whisperer Admin on
You wouldn't like me when I'm h'angry

You wouldn't like me when I'm h’angry

Sugar cravings can often arise when our blood sugar levels drop. Ever feel hangry? In these moments we find ourselves going for a quick sugar fix or caffeine stimulus. One of the biggest things that we attribute to women and mood is our blood sugar.

Did you know that our liver is responsible for keeping it stable?

It should be able to deposit the required amount of glucose into our bloodstream between meals if you're finding these big drops in energy and getting hungry it’s typically a symptom that our liver can’t keep up with the demands we’re putting on it.

Can’t tolerate exercise?? Get out of breath easily or lightheaded chances are your liver can't keep up. Itchy dry eyes? Yep that's the liver!

This is a massive area we need support with in today's environment and unfortunately most people don't know it's an issue. This is one of the topics I will be covering in my hormone class. 

Ice, Ice, Baby!

My favourite tip to give our liver a break is an ice pack. Twice a week I take an ice pack and lie down with the ice pack placed on top of my t-shirt( I don't recommend ice directly on the skin) over my liver ( you'll find it located on the right side of the body just under the right breast below the ribs. It’s a large organ so you don't need to be too specific). I lie there for 10 minutes and take some nice deep breaths. The liver is a hot organ when overwhelmed. Emotionally it's the organ we store anger in. Think of the heat you feel when you get mad, that's what we store here! So cooling it down really helps it’s function.

Support your Liver with Oils

For oily support I recommend looking at oils and supplements for daily support of your liver. Smart and Sassy is one of my favourite blends to help keep blood sugars balanced. The cinnamon oil this contains is really effective for doing so. I add 2-3 drops of this blend to my water 3 times daily.

Learn more at my next hormone class

If you want to dive a little deeper on this topic join me for my next hormone class where I’ll be sharing a lot more to teach you how to support this and looking at it’s connection to our stress levels. Click here to register!

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