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“Trauma teaches you to close your heart and armour up.

HEALING teaches you to OPEN your heart and BOUNDARY up” 

If you have ever felt guarded in matters of the heart, you are not alone.

Life trials and past hurts can put our walls up and our belief can be “you just can’t trust people”. 

The magic is that healing transforms those walls into boundaries. Invite in love on your terms!

If you...

✔️Are afraid to hurt people if you say NO.

✔️Will do anything not to disappoint others.

✔️Have a lot of needy people in your life.

✔️Find that past partners never seem to meet your needs.

I know how you feel!

I was burnt out to the point of exhaustion many years ago because I was trying to be all things to all people and within my relationships I was not fulfilled at all.

I just didn’t know how to change this!

8 Signs you have unhealthy boundaries?

💗 You feel like people take advantage of you or manipulate your emotions to get you to do what they want.

💗 You find yourself in constant conflict with certain people and you can't ever seem to just get along.

💗 In your relationships, it feels like it's either high-highs or low-lows, but never just peaceful and great.

💗 You tell people how much you hate drama but seem to always be stuck in drama.

💗 You spend a lot of time defending yourself for things you believe aren’t your fault.

💗 You feel selfish if you want to do what's best for you even if it leaves others out.

💗 You are the one in your friend group that gets called on to help a lot.

💗 You give more than you get.

Did you answer "YES" to one or more of these questions?! ME TOO.

It’s totally normal but there is a better way!

I answered yes to these and many more, until I learned how to set healthy boundaries and communicate my needs.

This is why I created THE BOUNDARIES SERIES!

With you in mind!

What if instead you had

🪷 A relationship where you feel empowered, respected, and understood. By setting clear boundaries, you create a solid foundation that aligns with your values and desires.

🪷  A relationship that not only fulfills your desires but also supports your emotional well-being begins here. Say goodbye to unhealthy dynamics and hello to a confident and secure love life.

I'm ready

What To Expect

Are you ready to learn how to take control of your life and stop putting up with less than you deserve?

In BOUNDARIES MADE EASY, you're going to learn how to step up and stand up for what you want and deserve so you can create the healthy relationships you desire in your life.

Module 1

Reconnect to your authentic self. The amazing person you are, without the beliefs and conditioning that you have been handed. This is your confidence super power! Who you truly are is exactly who that special someone out there is looking for (I promise!).

Module 2

This is it! Boundaries, the heart of what you are here to learn. The different types of boundaries, how to recognise when to use each one and how to communicate them to create the stress free and fulfilling relationships you know you really want!

Module 3

My personal favourite module. Communication. My previous biggest challenge in my relationship is now my biggest strength and I want to teach you how it can be yours too! I will teach you new ways to communicate your needs so that you are actually HEARD and how to communicate with confidence to create exactly the types of relationships you deserve.

Module 4

Energetic boundaries. Here you will learn about the more subtle types of boundaries and patterns that show up. Once you see this you will never be able to unsee it. My favourite module to remove drama from your life and your relationships!

Each module has a workbook and scripts to guide you through how to actually set—and most importantly, stick to—healthy boundaries for life!

Included is a hypnotic meditation to help you anchor in speaking your needs!

Are you ready to rediscover your inner confidence, transform your relationships, and create the healthy relationship you desire?

What do I need to do?

All you have to do is book your place and I will take care of the rest! I will send you the link and details that you need and I will guide you through it all! 

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or taken advantage of. With BOUNDARIES MADE EASY, you'll learn to communicate your needs effectively. No more sacrificing your own well-being for the sake of others.

What my clients say

This course gave such an important focus on ourselves and the inner work needed while establishing the connections with others and gave such wonderful perspective and also if anything make it exciting to start this journey and share it with a partner - being in a relationship already this has really brought us more aligned.


It's hard to put into words how truly life changing Ann Marie's boundaries course was for me. I felt that my boundaries in a few areas of my life were a bit shaky and this course was like a deep dive into all areas - emotional, physical, time and space boundaries, spiritual boundaries - all of it! For me, this boundaries work with AM was the golden thread that wove all of these areas of my life together like a beautiful tapestry where now I am more confident, healthy, and abundant in all areas of my life than I ever thought possible for me. If you are considering taking this course, I would say 100% do this for yourself, it will help with all areas of your life and will be the best investment in your personal development you've ever made!


I could not recommend Annmarie's boundaries series highly enough. It was four (and a bonus) modules of absolute brilliance. It's so much more than learning about healthy boundaries and how to implement them. What I loved the most was how much I learned about myself, what matters to me and why I react the way I do to certain situations given my core values. It is AMAZING! The best investment I have ever made in myself. Thanks Annmarie



What if I feel like this is not the right time?

Listen I get it. Sometimes timing genuinely is a thing. Ask yourself though. If not now..when? If you don’t have a clear answer on this then maybe it’s less about the timing and more about self protection. What is on the other end of your hesitation? The healthy love you have been desiring. 

When does the course start?

You will receive the course content over 4 weeks. Each week you will receive the video training and an ebook with prompts and embodiment practices to help support your new growth.

How much time do I need to set aside for this course?

Between the video and ebook estimate that you allow 2 hours a week for this work but you may take this at whatever pace feels right for you.

How long will I have access to this course?

You will have access to the course work and materials provided for one year after receiving it.