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Why you shouldn't buy essential oils on Amazon!

Posted by Annmarie Oil Whisperer Admin on
Why you shouldn't buy essential oils on Amazon!

So every so often I have someone reach out to me and tell me that they found doTERRA oils cheaper on Amazon. Well let me clue you in as to what’s going on there.

I’m a Rep for doTerra. I pay wholesale prices the exact same as my customers. So if I was selling them on Amazon for cheaper than that price would I be making a profit? EM no!

Money Money Money!

So unfortunately not everyone understands this and end up buying what they think are doTERRA oils. On Amazon you get what you pay for. The essential oil industry as a whole is growing and we are growing fast. There are going to be people who only see dollar signs and want to capitalise on this.

An Easy Con

The little sealed caps that come on our bottles can be purchased through any oil supply company for pennies. It is very easy to take off the cap/ring and either dilute or replace the oil with a cheaper brand and then put on a new cap and seal it and sell it for profit.

Amazon has very little control over quality. Of course doTERRA shut down any ones they come across but it’s pretty hard to regulate everyone.

Community, Support & Education

The other side to this is that the person is then missing out on the support. When starting with something new like essential oils it is ideal to get started within a community and with support so you can use them safely and correctly.

The community we provide is invaluable. When you are a member of our team you will have our support. Our amazing private Facebook groups, lists of resources, free education from the company itself and more.

When you buy from Amazon you get none of that. Plus supporting someone you know with your business it’s just a lot more fun and rewarding in my opinion.

There is a lot to learn when you get started with dōTERRA. If I have a problem with the purchase are need to return an oil, doTERRA's customer service is amazing. You don’t get that when you purchase from Amazon.

Amazing Value for Members

Plus I get 25% off retail, free oils every month and 30% back on each purchase I make. That’s 55% off just because I am wholesale member. I definitely don’t get that on Amazon. 

I don't know about you but in a world where we are shopping more and more online I think it's important that we look our purchases a little closer. Especially if it means you are going to be missing out!

You can become a doTERRA wholesale member too, click here to learn more!

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