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Dry Brushing

Posted by Annmarie Oil Whisperer Admin on
Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing

I'm BIG on self care. For years I didn't like myself very  much and part of that was not liking my physical body. I always thought I was too skinny and wished to be more curvy.  Now I have adopted a far healthier mindset. The  desire to have a healthy body.

We can be beautiful at any size but health is the larger goal for me.

Part of creating this mindset change came about through body brushing. I would use positive affirmations as I brushed. Previously I body brushed trying to 'get rid of' cellulite, just one more thing I critiqued myself on. Now I do it for body health. I get asked about it a lot! 

Don't know how amazing it is? Let me talk you through it.

What are the benefits of body brushing?

Dry body brushing has so many incredible benefits; it will stimulate lymphatic drainage, increase blood circulation, help to reduce cellulite, improve digestion, increase energy and firm the skin.

“Stimulates the lymphatic system” is the phrase you always hear when it comes to body brushing – could you break down for me what that means?

The lymphatic system is responsible for carrying toxins out of the body, and it requires regular stimulation in order to keep things moving freely. Our lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump and the practice of dry body brushing a few minutes every day is a very effective and loving way to move your own lymph. It will increase blood flow and circulation, which will help your body and lymphatic system clear away toxins.

Should I body brush in the mornings or evenings?

Both are great! In the morning, dry body brushing energises you, especially if you haven’t had a chance to exercise. This practice can really invigorate you. In the evenings, you can use slow mindful strokes to connect with your body and yourself before a bath with essential oils.

Do I use it in the shower or before I get in?

To receive the best results, always before a shower or bath. The Body Brush is used on dry skin only. Personally to keep my bathroom clean I brush in the shower unit before turning on the water, so that the dry skin then just gets washed down the drain, but that could just be my clean freak tendencies :-)

Where do essential oils come in?

My personal favourite oils and blends to enhance this experience are Grapefruit and Smart and Sassy. Emotionally these oils are all about body confidence. Loving ourselves- warts( or cellulite) and all. They also have amazing detox benefits to aid in the process. I add 2-3 drops onto my brush before I start.

I try to support Irish businesses where I can and it's an easy choice to share with you my favourite Irish made body brush from Voya. Made with organic cactus and ethically produced.

Have you tried body brushing?  Have you tried it with oils before? Let me know! It you have any extra tips feel free to share.

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