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From the Heart

Posted by Annmarie murray on
From the Heart

How many times have you heard it said? Do not listen to your head listen to your heart. 

A very romantic notion but unfortunately, neither one knows what the hell it is talking about. 


I have established through my last couple of blogs that our mind just loves to chat. The mind communicates verbally- you hear that chatter, right? It also communicates Visually. You can close your eyes and see images on the screen of your mind yes?  

So, what about the little sister? The heart? Well, she is a little more subtle. 

Our emotions do not talk to us like the mind. The heart communicates through a feeling. That is why we call our emotions, feelings. We say, “he hurt my feelings”, that we mean is, it created an emotion inside of me that was uncomfortable. 

  We tend to only talk about them when they hit extremes. Pain hurtgrief, love, joy, but we are always feeling something. There is a constant flow of sensation We know this because when we notice a change, we use expressions like the bottom dropped out from under meor my heart sank, my heart was bursting with joy or my heart had wings. If there was not a certain level of energy flowing, there to begin with then how would we notice the changes? Think about it. Wsay, “I don’t feel like myself”.  


 I'll show you a great hiding place!

 So yes, the heart is more sensitive than the mind, that's why we have trouble with it When the heart moves and starts emanating this different energy the mind will start talking. Big brother steps in remember? You do not have to think about it, you do not sit there and say, oh I think I’ll get jealous now”.  You wish that were the case because then you could decide NOT to. 

 There is a lovely phrase “The mind is the place the soul goes to hide from the heart. Big Brother will take care of you. The imagery I use is that the mind builds a damn in the river of that heart energy for what it thinks of as safety. The mind can be a beautiful place to hide- I should know I spent many years there. I have such an active imagination that my mind looked like Willy Wonka's chocolate room. It was the perfect place to hide. 


That old tune again?

So, when we deal with anxiousness what's happening here? We see or hear something in our environment that triggers that old experience that made us feel uncomfortable. Depending on your own circumstances this can stem from feeling rejected, feeling abandoned, feeling not good enough, hearing an argument between parents etc. 

That blockage of energy tries to flow so we experience an emotion. Depending on our coping mechanism of choice, The mind jumps to respond. Need a distraction? Go binge watch hours of netflixeat something to comfort you, get away from that person/situation. Or it starts telling you those old familiar stories to keep you “safe”. Whatever works to get  that damn is sealed up nice and tight again. 



Ara I'm Grand 

If we can realize that these emotions are being stimulated through our past experiences, we go a long way towards healing. Think about this. How many things do you see all day every day that you can be neutral about? A lot of things I’m betting. You don’t react to every single experience, do you That is when our heart is in that constant flow state. Nothing stimulating it, If someone asked you how you were feeling you would likely say, “I’m fine” or “I’m good”. If you're in Ireland, you’ll likely say “Grand”.  


So, if you remember I told you that the Ego stayed dominant longer because it felt we were unsafe. So, now we know it is the heart telling the Ego what it felt unsafe about and these are the things the Ego now feels like it is job to protect us from 

 So, how accurate is it to say don’t listen to your head listen to your heart?

Remember a lot of these emotions created our beliefs from the ages of two until seven. They are hardly the most rational things to base our life choices around, but we do exactly that every dayWe choose our preferences around these feelings. We even choose our relationships around this. Thats a story for another day.


Forced out of hiding 

I spent a lot of years hiding out. “I’m fine” was my status Quo. Ah but the world does so love to hit those blockages to encourage you to come out. 


Through the manifestation of ill health in my body I was forced out. I discovered essential oils, and energy healing and an entire range of modalitiesI have worked on taking those rocks out of the river and I have shared those experiences with others. I am going to teach a whole class about this on Wednesday the 10th for anyone who is interested in learning more. Once you learn how to remove those blockages the world becomes a much more amazing place than the mind. Trust me.  

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