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What the Hell is a chakra anyway?

Posted by Annmarie murray on
What the Hell is a chakra anyway?



 Karma is only a bitch
if you are

 I used to see the image above of the colours in front of the body and I was totally disconnected from it. In my judgement I used to think energy healing was for “spiritual people”, or “hippies”. Now that I am one of those spiritual hippies, (Karma loves her little jokes) I have decided to try and make more people who are like “the old me” understand a little more about all of this.


Explain it to me like I'm a five year old

 So I'm going to do my best to explain this to you in a way that I might have understood.
The word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “disk”. I love this description because I often explain energy work to people in terms of us being like computers -maybe because I only have a basic understanding of how they work too?
I think of it like this. Our body is made up of millions of atoms and molecules that are in a constant state of motion. Because of this it emits a frequency. Our electrical frequency- most of us know our heart has an electrical pulse but do not really understand why. I bet you know all about it when you get one of those damn shocks from a super market trolley though? We've all been there.

My spider senses are tingling

This electrical field expands out from the body in the shape of an egg. This is what we call our energetic field or our Auric field. I consider these like our spider senses. Ever walk into a room and get a "bad vibe"? That's your Auric field picking up the environment. 
These fields “read” the environment around us and take the information in through  the body to be “processed”. Chakras look like two ends of a battery, with an entry point at the front of the body, and an exit point at the back. They are like the processors on a computer. They feed this information through the bodies electrical highways called the meridians- Side note,The Chinese have been using these meridians for healing for 2000 years and scientists in the west are only recently acknowledging their existence. This information then passed through the exit point of the chakras at the back of the body. Getting a picture? No? Here's one (somebody)created earlier

Why do I care about this exactly?

So the seven major chakras fall along the spine and up through the head. The chakras not only correspond to certain organs depending on location, but also to certain emotional, psychological, and spiritual states. When all is happy and well in our environment we are healthy in mind, body and spirit. However when we experience shock in any form, physical, mental, emotional, environmental or chemical we can often react to this energy and trap it within the body. If you have been following my last few blog posts you might understand more about situations that made this happen. 

What's alignment when it's at home?

Because of this, it is very common to feel off both in the mind and body when these chakras are “out of alignment”, another expression I didn't understand. I thought it referred to the physical body, if my hip was higher than the other I was "out of alignment".

In reality all this really means is that we clung onto an experience we didn't like and it caused the energy of it to become trapped. This imbalance in the chakra can cause it to become under or overactive in response. If you have heard me speak about placing rocks on the river that’s essentially what happens, The flow of this energy gets diverted or blocked.This causes disruption to the chakras, and the meridians can actually shorten or warp in the energetic field so much, that we can eventually end up with one hip higher than the other. No bone breaker or massage maker can fix this for us. 

Balance is key

The concept behind the chakras being in balance, is to allow the energy to flow freely through them. This energy is what is believed to keep us healthy, happy, and thriving in all aspects of our lives.

Therefore, when it comes to finding ways to balance the chakras, it is primarily to find the balance to where the energy is able to flow so that the mind, body, and spirit are vibrant.


I spent a lot of years and more money than I care to think about learning all of this. That was my journey.

My intention now is not only to help people to understand this energy but to learn how to balance it themselves. I love my job as an energy healer but I wish I had known more about how to actually help myself with all of this.

So now what?

So I’m now intending to do just that. Beginning in March I will be running a seven week series talking people through how to create wellness in mind, body and spirit. If you're looking to feel happier and more peaceful within yourself this is your chance to take what I have learned and take it in, through small digestible amounts. If you are interested in this make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter as it will be dropped there soon. 

In the meantime if this is all totally new to you my only suggestion is to remain openminded. There is more to our world and our body than we can see with our own two eyes. 




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