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Lets not go back

Posted by Annmarie murray on
Lets not go back

Depending on where you are in the world, you’re probably emerging slowly back into the world after a year away from it all. 

Back in my clinic for the past few weeks I find myself having troubling feelings. I feel like shaking my clients to say “Stop! Don’t just go back to the way things were!”


Can we just get back to life already?


I get it! Most of us are absolutely OVER lockdown. I also appreciate that some people are extremely anxious about going back out into the world. Wherever you sit right now I would urge you to ask yourself some questions.

Can you see anything positive that came from your change of lifestyle this year? Were there things you were doing that you realised when you stopped that you really did not miss AT ALL? Were you passionate about your return to work? Were there people in your life you really did not miss?


Get clear on what you no longer want to take with you from before the pandemic and during the pandemic. Fears, relationships, ways of thinking, ways of being, projects, etc. Put it all down.


Eh actualy I hated that..


Get clear on what parts of your pre-pandemic life you adored that you want to make sure to bring back in and what parts of your pre-pandemic life you’ve not missed at all and want to be sure to not unconsciously return to.

What can you do to take the parts you loved with you into your newly created reality?Let’s get intentional about this now. Or guess what? You will likely turn around 2 years from now and see yourself back in the same situation. 

Let me be clear, I don’t want to read this and think “oh yeah she’s right I should look at that”. DO IT. In fact go NOW. Grab a pen. I will hang out here for a mo…



Where does the time go?


Have you said this year, “Where has that time gone”? That is the truth universally known. Time passes anyway. You may as well spend as much time as you can doing what you love.

What we have been through, and are still processing in most cases, has been huge. One of the defining moments in my lifetime for sure. I have NO interest in going back. I tell my clients that if you had asked me in January 2020 if I had a good work/life balance I would have said “Sure”. Eh that’s only in comparison to how bad it used to be. 

Learn the lessons for the love of God!


I am learning my lessons this time and despite the demands of a busy re-opening and some more personal things close to home, I have been determined to keep the things that matter most to me. 

Setting clear boundaries and intentionally stepping into this next chapter of our lives and businesses, though, is essential.

Boundaries though...It is sure an area a lot of us struggle with.

I know I sure did.

I am going to be running a live chat on instagram about this next week on Tuesday evening. I hope you can join me. 

What are the things you most want to hold onto? Do you know?

If you feel you are struggling in getting clarity around this and would like to dive a bit deeper you can book a consulation with me here

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