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Holding onto pain

Posted by Annmarie Murray on
Holding onto pain

Moving away from massage therapy

I have been asked many times in recent months why I decided to give up massage therapy. Is it because I no longer like it? That’s not the reason at all.

A lot of people came into me for massage describing 'tightness' in their bodies and I want you to think about this.

Think about the feeling you have when you are in a fear state….imagine that in your body, does it feel tight?

Now imagine a feeling of relief…how does that feel? Breathe into it. Nice and loose right?
Now think about the feelings you have when you are feeling angry, frustrated and tense about something…again there is tension felt in the body.

Now think about something you feel really relaxed about it…how does that feel in the body?

So the point of all this is tell me again how the tightness in your body is about your posture, or lifting your kids or all of those things that you tell me its about and I know it is not.

I do fully appreciate the fact that when we are out for a run we might tear our calf muscle, but most of the time we are going around holding onto old stuff.

I know when clients who would have initially come to me for massage and switched to a bio energy session, the first thing they would tell me is that they feel lighter. I want to tell you why….

Why do I feel lighter?

It takes energy, exertion and force for us to either push something away from us or to cling and hold on tight to it. That is exactly what we do all day, every single day. From holding onto stuff from your childhood, to holding onto stuff from your teenage years; holding onto what your best friend said to you last week that bothered you but you didn’t want to say it to her; your boss asked you to do
something that you didn’t want to do but you done it anyway and were holding onto all this stuff on a daily basis.

We are pushing away things we don’t like or we are clinging onto good moments so tightly for fear we wont have them again.

That is why you have pain and tightness in your body.

What is causing your pain?

If you look up the metaphysical explanations for any areas you have pain in the body…pain in the back…think about who or what is causing you pain?

Pain in the upper back…either feeling unsupported or holding onto resentment for when you didn’t ask for help but you thought people should psychically know you needed help. Or you're holding onto old burdens that are literally wearing you down with the weight of the world.
You tell me when you have a bio-energy session that you feel lighter because you are letting some of that stuff go.
My lovely essential oils with their high vibration and ability to change our mood and our nervous system have the same effect.

That is why I made the decision to move towards helping people in that way.

Because a) I can help them a lot better and not just give them a quick fix with a massage that will offer a temporary fix and b) I can help a lot more people than those who are able to get inside my doors in Galway.

Feel into expansion

If you are looking to embody some of this expansive energy for yourself, expansion just means change. Feel into this in the body. When we are tight and
constricted that is when we are holding on and resisting. We are actually blocking opportunities from coming towards us when we feel like this.

This is why bio-energy, breathwork, using essential oils, all of these things that help relax us and raise our vibration because they stop us from closing off our heart centre and trapping in this energy. So every so often during the day take a few moments to come back into presence to calm and relax your mind and body. That in itself opens the heart centre and releases some of those old burdens and old

Just a simple, simple start.

If you are interested in learning more about bio-energy healing reach out to me or click here, it could make all the difference.

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