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Healthy Habits Kit

Healthy Habits Kit

€250,00 €330,00

This is perfect for you if:

Your PRIORITY IS FEELING ENERGIZED and you are ready to start showing up for yourself with small daily changes.

You want to FUEL YOUR BODY from within with whole food supplements

You want handbag staples for MOOD MANAGEMENT and tension when life feels overwhelming


You value SUPPORT on your wellness journey.


Essential Oils & Blends Included in your kit:

Lavender (5ml)

Lemon (5ml)

Frankinsence (5ml)

On-Guard (5ml)

Balance (5ml)

Supplements included in your kit:

- Microplex VMz is a vitamin and mineral complex designed to fill the gaps in your diet left by our depleted soils and overly processed food system.

- xEO Mega is an omega fatty acid complex combined with therapeutic grade essential oils to Support your circulatory system, immune, joints and nervous system. Available in plant based format for Vegetarians and Vegans .

- Alpha CRS+ is a cellular vitality complex that uses botanical extracts to promote healthy cellular and metabolic energy. We are only as healthy as our cells.

- PB Assist + is a range of pre & pro-biotics to support gut and immune function.

- TerraZyme supports digestive function by replenishing enzymes in the system. I love these to reduce discomfort associated with eating.


Other products included:

Deep Blue Rub - Use this certified pure therapeutic grade® essential oil lotion to Support muscles after a long workout or a strenuous day.