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Feeling sad, angry or just numb?

Do you want to learn how to get through the bad days?

I have created an online class dedicated to sharing all of the tools and techniques I have learned to help me understand my emotions, keep them balanced and support myself when I'm having an "off-day".

I am a self confessed nerd when it comes to researching and learning about things that I'm passionate about. SO TRUST ME! I've done the research on this and I've tried it all!

What I do works!

And not just for me, hundreds of people like you have attended this very class and felt transformative results from just trying some of the protocols I recommend! (Read some testimonials below)

During this Class

You will discover:

~ How to recognise the triggers that send the emotional response

~ How to look deeper and understand the root cause

~ How to use essential oils to help lift, energise and ground you

~ How to use positive self talk, affirmations and visualisations

My aim with this class to share with others the tools and knowledge that I have found to TRULY work so that you can live a happier healthier life!

It's more important now than ever to be able to cope with what life throws at us!

The class is being held LIVE on Zoom on Wed Feb 10th @ 8pm

Book your place below and learn to live better!

What People Say ...

Annmarie I must say I find your talks amazing and i am not just saying that really love them. I had hysterectomy nearly 4 years ago, I suffer with anxiety and often find myself losing my temper so I could totally relate to what you were talking about.

I loved understanding 'Triggers' and feel I know better how I might deal with them. Thank you again.

I just want to say how much I loved the Emotions class. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with this lockdown and I really felt like you were speaking to me with the things you were talking about.

Hi AnnmarieI really enjoyed last night's class. I really didn't know where to start to use my oils so I was really happy to get some steps I can use to put this into practice. Your so knowledgeable on all of this! Thank you so much. 

Annmarie- Wow! Absolutely amazing class last night. So much stuff made total sense to me. I feel like I've found a whole new way to use my oils. Thanks a million!