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7 Week Programme

Shut Up & Listen

A Journey Inward

I invite  you to start wherever you are, with all of the challenges, suffering, and worries that you may be facing, externally and within, and use them as the fuel to awaken the natural and boundless Energy within you to find more joy and peace in your world. 

It will engage you with 7 live teachings, with insightful and supportive video and audio sessions, weekly self-reflection practices, and  exclusively  designed meditations, plus all sessions are recorded for lifetime Access. I will bring you on a journey of self discovery and personal development, showing you how to find a life with more ease and flow and live with more happiness and peace.

This Programme is for you if you:

~ Feel stuck in your daily routine and crave more passion and meaning

~ Want to feel better but don't even know where to start.

~ Are in a period of transition and don't know what's next

~ Generally enjoy your life but know there's more waiting for you,

~ Want to learn some simple practical techniques that you can use daily to introduce a more peaceful flow into your life.


The modules in this programme are delivered LIVE however they are recorded to give you the opportunity to learn at the time and pace that suits you best.

Starting Tuesday April 27th @ 8pm

Here's what you could learn:


What's Included

✔ 7 LIVE in-depth modules- available on replay

✔ 7 Printable Workbooks with Each Training

✔ 7 uniquely designed meditations connected with the insights of each week

✔ Lifetime Access to the course

By the end of the 7 Weeks you'll not only have learned valuable knowledge to heal and support your body and mind but you will have put these new techniques to practice with experienced results!

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Amazing, Ann Maire helped me find balance and calm at a time that was very difficult for me. She creates a warm and inviting atmosphere and helps you feel very comfortable. The positive changes in my life after were fantastic. I can’t recommend Ann Maire highly enough for the positive impact her work has had on me getting to know myself again and finding balance that I’ve never experienced before.

Annmarie is incredibly gifted. Her whole demeanour immediately relaxes people.She is kind and professional, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone. After her 4 sessions I feel so much lighter and brighter. ♡

I have attended Annmarie over the years for her bio-energy service and have received immense benefit in my own health and wellbeing. She has helped me manage change and stress in my life, provided treatment post-Covid and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Her energy is infectious and calming at the same time. I always leave her feeling re - energised, balanced and lighter.

I've accidentally found Annmarie 2 years ago, and since then I have been very lucky to have her help me with severe decade long hip pain, which is now completely gone, I've also seen her for my very bad IBS, which she also completely sorted out - now if I get (a very rare) upset stomach I just book an appointment and I know I'll be sorted straight away!I've also done work with Annmarie clearing my limiting beliefs as well as attending her Boundary workshop. I can't thank her enough for her dedication and hard work, my life has completely changed since I met her, I'm a brand new woman! I recommend her services to everyone, people be thinking I'm on a commission"


Starting Tuesday April 27th @ 8pm

Although the modules are LIVE they will be recorded and be made available to you to view at a timeframe that suits you!

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