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I Can't Rise Unless I Help Other People To Rise

Im not someone who has all the secrets to success.

Being open to new possibilities and new opportunities is something that I have been hugely passionate about in recent years.

Anytime I am going through a period of expansion I really feel the need to share this with people.

In the world of Human Design, one of my many tools for growth, we refer to this as the line 5 profile. Or more joyfully called 'The Mirror'. A mirror is either absorbing light or reflecting it. When we are absorbing, we can take on other people’s projections, their expectations etc. When we are reflecting, we are sending them home to themselves. That is my magic. Sending you back home to your true self.

I'm not somebody who hoards all the secrets to success around how I've managed to create so much calm, trust and peace within myself. I love to share these as I want everyone else to experience the same.

It is in sharing the habits and rituals I've created for myself with others that brings me genuine joy. So you can share in my experience and find your own greatness.

Looking Inwards to Create What You Want

I do not believe in "changing your health". I believe it is about stepping INTO health. Those steps are small and build over time. The first step any of us must take is inward.

To come home to yourself is to come home to all the wisdom you have been looking outside of yourself for all along.

I can help you with tools for this but you must be willing to pick them up.



Ways To Work With Me

There are a number of ways we can work together to help you on your journey of self discovery and alignment. These include personalised hypnosis tracks to unlock limiting beliefs, deepened self study through my Alignment Academy and shifting your vibration and health with the transformational power of doTerra essential oils.

Personalised Hypnosis Tracks

1:1 Transformative Coaching & Hypnosis

Step into your authentic self and Unlock Your Life with personalised hypnosis tracks tailored to your needs.

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Bio Energy

Bio Energy is a holistic, non-invasive healing therapy that assists in balancing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

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Annmarie applying essential oils

Essential Oils

doTERRA Essentials Oils were my biggest catalyst for transformation and are still my most effective tool for enhancing my wellbeing. Purchase essentials oils for yourself and learn more about how you can utilise them to support you on your journey.

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