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Hot Oils

When it comes to using doTERRA essential oils safely on the skin I really only have a few guidelines I follow.

Most Importantly; don’t put any oils directly into eyes, ears, or nose.

Always Dilute ‘hot’ oils before using them. Of course they aren’t physically hot to the touch. We use the word hot to refer to the interaction they have with our nervous system.

These oils create a warming sensation. They are more likely to create that warm sensation on the surface of the skin and thereby cause temporary redness so it is best practice to dilute with a carrier oil.

Hot Oil Guide

Here is a list of common "hot" oils. Be sure to dilute these oils before putting them on your skin.

The amount you Dilute by depends on age and skin sensitivity ...and a little touch of common sense :-)

Oregano (Very Hot)

Cinnamon Bark (Very Hot)






Peppermint (Sensitive Skin)

Wintergreen (Sensitive Skin)

If you are unsure about any of this be sure to reach out to the person who’s guiding you on your oily journey (if that's not me) It’s your responsibility to seek the education.

Dilution Chart

I have included a very helpful dilution chart in my Top 10 Oils E-Book. Download it by clicking the button below.