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More than just a discount

Wholesale vs. Retail

When you become a Wholesale Customer of doTERRA, you not only get 25% off all oils, kits and accessories you become a member of the doTERRA family.

are you in?

How to become a Wholesale Customer

It's very simple! Visit and click "Become a Wholesale Customer". Fill out the form and add my number the sponsor ID. 

Select your enrolment kit. There are a number of options. If you want to handpick oils select only the enrolment fee and booklet. Once registered you can select single oils and blends to purchase. 

Watch the video below for more information. 

Your Essential Oil Starter Kit

There are a number of different kits you can purchase when enrolling as a member. The one I recommend to start with is the doTERRA Touch Line. Click below to find out more about what's in the kit!

Healthy Habits Kit

Start from the inside. Transform your health with small steps & you'll feel the difference.