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About The Alignment Academy

The Alignment Academy is a space for women to learn how to create lasting positive change in how you live and experience life. 

It’s for women who crave a new way of being, living, leading, loving and harmonising without burnout or blowing your boundaries to get your needs and desires met.

The Alignment Academy marries the energetics of the universe and the practical of day-to-day life, allowing for a rich immersion into the untapped parts of the self without drastic changes or compromises.

Who Is She?

This may be for you if….

✓ You want to FEEL better, more expansive, full hearted and at peace.

✓ You want to KNOW your own MIND and stand firm and confident in your own decisions and free of self-doubt.

✓ You want to feel better in your body, understand it and enjoy balance in energy, digestion, concentration and sleep.

✓ You want to connect with your SPIRIT. To be the lighthouse in your own life by tuning to that inner guidance for answers. To allow for openness and expansion to take you into the abundance you truly desire.

What Can You Expect?

To put it simply:

The Alignment Academy is a private training area that allows you to consume simple, bite-sized content in your own time. 

All of the content and training is aimed to allow you to learn how to create more ease and flow in your life.

Each month a little bit of wisdom will be dropped into the community and you will have a month to not only consume it but INTEGRATE it. 

My intention is to inspire ACTION and REDUCE overwhelm.

How Can I Opt In?

 If you have been following me for a while, you will know that doTERRA's products were one of the biggest tools I used to impact all area's of my health.

So if you want to take this opportunity to start your own wellness journey here is your chance. 

You can get started by grabbing your starter pack here.

You cannot already be a member with another person for this option.

My wholesale customers enjoy free access to The Alignment Academy (if this is you, simply send me an email to for your own unique access code). 

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