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The Alignment Academy Programme

The Alignment Academy Programme



If you are like me, and love the power of a group setting to raise your vibration and be around like-minded people - then the group programme may be a great fit for you!


What's involved?

During our 3 months together you will get a high level of support to include:

Dating app reviews - you'll be able to send me your profile  for review. This can be photos or profile scripts for us to optimise your chances of meeting your match.

Group community and support (optional) - you will be going through this program with a small number of other women. Together you will support one another and thrive in a positive community all working towards the same goals. The calls are all a  private webinar experience so if you wish to remain private on your time here you may also do so.

Bi weekly groups webinars where we peel back the layers to reveal our best versions of self

Hypnotic tracks to rewire your unconscious beliefs and start a new way of thinking

Hypnotic meditations to identifty what you might be experiencing at an energetic level that might be holding back your transformation.

✓ Help soften the walls around your heart with a group energy clearing

Supplementary material to each lesson to deepen your understanding and gain deeper clarity.

✓Your own copy of My Designed life journal documenting your journey throughout the programme

Lifetime access - you'll also get lifetime access to all 5 modules, including any updates or extra training I add in.