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Calm and quiet

This month if you place an order that is 200pv or more you will recieve these two amazing oils for free. Check out my video where I tell you how to use these two oils to manage stress and create calm in the body

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Lovely Lavender

This months free product of the month is our versatile lavender. It is in this easy to use rollerball that makes it great for both adults and young children.

Please rememberif you want to avail of the free product of the month your order must be placed:

LRP- loyalty rewards order

On or before the 15th of the month

125PV( not Euro amount) or more

If you don't know how to order check out my video on how to do so

Meet the new members

This month we have a very special gift. These are some of the new products that were available in the US only previously but we are being given the option to purchase this month. I have added my favourite emotional benefits to the oils below but here some of the phyiscal benefits listed here.

New products


Davana: find the Fun of It!

Especially when you have to do list items and projects that feel dreadful, Davana highlights the joy in any activity.

Shifts your attention from what is "difficult" or "sucks" about the process, and instead brings appreciation to the process.

Ignites thrill, excitement and encourages playful spirit. It also pulls you to complete these items, and close the loops. It's dreadfulness that leads to procrastination

. But playfulness leads to completion. This is an excellent oil to prevent procrastination.

Bergamot Mint

Bergamot Mint:

Soothes the Lungs and the Heart. Calms agitation in the heart, when there is frenetic movement in the heart, Such as palpitations.

Helps support anxiety or heaviness in the chest . Also use when experiencing loneliness, feeling cut off from human and holy connection. Bergamot mint quenches thThe lungs crave inspiration and togetherness. This oil warms the chest and puts a big smile on your heart. Bergamot mint quenches the "thirst"of the lungs.


Tulsi (Holy Basil) Draws on reserves to tap into a reservoir of power and strength.

It's like fueling up your body with organic, nutrient packed foods and gives you clean energy to run on. Tulsi gives clean energy to burn when you need more than normal amounts.

Maybe you just had a baby, started homeschooling and it's new for you, moving to a new home, starting a new school, starting a new business, etc. When you need more brain power and heart strength for adding a whole new thing into your life. Tulsi helps you to adopt and integrate the new, so that it weaves into your life seamlessly.